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About Us

Confidence, experience, reliability and privacy.

Our experts have extensive legal assistance in the formation, organization and administration support of your business in the UAE.

Our operation mode is to establish and maintain a balance between quality & cost-effective prices.

Confidentiality & ethics in the formation and maintenance of your business are our guidance.

Our partners & clients are worldwide investors and entrepreneurs from Europe, Russia, China, etc.

Our company experts are all graduated in laws, with the required skills and experience.

We strive to maintain a high level of legal culture for our clients.

We build relationships with our clients on the principles of responsibility, mutual respect and support.

These values; we are ready to share them with you on the way to realize our common aspirations.

Our advantages are:

  • Unlike other companies, we first take in consideration the client's wishes and interests.
  • Unlike our competitors, we do not promise what we cannot reach.
  • The professionalism of our staff and experience
  • High-speed service and quality of work
  • We provide the utmost privacy to the business owners.

 We are ready to develop and offer you a tailor-made service package according to your needs.

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Faic Dubai, Unit 1806, JBC5 - Plot W1 JLT

Tel: +(971) 52 9318627, Mail: info@faicdubai.com