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Financial & Organization Support

Bank account opening in UAE

A bank account abroad is now an integral part of a successful and proper functioning of every international organization.

Various international and local banks are located in UAE. They are providing an extensive range of services and facilities, beyond the ones, corporate & personal accounts, non-residents accounts, online banking, debit & credit card, cheque book and locker facilities. Our experience and cooperation with the worlds’ biggest and authoritative institutions allow us to easily open for you any foreign bank account in the minimum time required.

UAE banking system is the most advanced in the Middle East in terms of electronic and online banking platforms. All UAE banks offer state of the art banknet online services, and if the account is opened in local currency (UAE Dirham) a debit / credit card can be provided.

To open a bank account in UAE is relatively simple, but there are certain obstacles, which can be easily avoided with the help of professionals from Consultancy. We offer services for personal and corporate bank accounts opening both for UAE residents and non-residents. We will support you through the whole procedure and help you to submit the required paperwork, draft your business portfolio and answer the questions from the bank compliance. We can also assist you to send by courrier service the online banking tools and credit or debit cards.

Defining the most precisely your UAE bank account purposes will help our professionals to offer you a comprehensive advice on the type of the bank account and documentation required.

We are providing the following marketing services:

  • UAE market research and analytics
  • Study of the target audience
  • Project Development
  • UAE Free Zones comparison prices
  • Elaboration of Business plan

Resident Visas

As part of our services, we provide visa application services to clients, so they can start business operation in the UAE.

The number of visas that can be issued for a company depends on the scale of operation, type and size of facility, type of license and activity undertaken. There are different types of visas that customers can choose according to their individual requirements and selection criteria.

What type of visas?

  • Employment visa (for investor, partners, managers or other employees)
  • Family visas
  • Visit Visas

Work Visa (Employment Visa).

The work permit is issued by the Department of Immigration to the person who has a job in the Emirates, certified by the UAE Ministry of Labour. The visa is valid for two months from the date of issuance. Allows you to enter the country for up to 30 days. During this time, the employer must begin a resident visa.

Residence visa

The main type of visa under which foreign expatriates (expats) are in the country. It is created by the employer to the employees of their companies. Residence visa is issued for a period of 3 years with the possibility of extension.

UAE resident visa is issued at one of the following conditions:

• Register your own company in UAE.

• Buying property in UAE.

• Employment in UAE.

Obtaining Residency visas in UAE is possible in case of property acquisition of worth at least 1 million dirham (USD 272,200), but these amount is not fixed, and exchange rate fluctuate continuously. Visa, when buying a home, gives the right of residence in the country, opening bank accounts, but does not permit to work. This kind of resident visa based on purchasing property is extremely rare, as this type of visa requires an update every 6 months.

Many customers are opting to obtain residence visa for themselves and family members through the investor visa, which is issued through the acquisition of companies registered by the shareholder, and 3 years visa is issued with a subsequent extension.

Companies created for residence visas may not engage in any activities with tax-exempt and may open bank accounts.

As part of our services, we apply for visa to licensed clients so they can operate a business in the UAE. The number of visas that can be issued to a company is dependent on the scale of operation, type and size of facility, type of licence and activity undertaken. There are different types of visas for which clients can apply, depending upon their individual requirement and eligibility criterions.

Please also note that for companies with real office or facilities, the number of visas will depend on office or facilities size.

Our company services:

Bank account opening in UAE

Immigration file opening

Obtaining 3 years UAE Residence visa

PRO services

Maintenance and support of transactions, contract establishment

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