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Legal Support

Applicants should be aware of the following points when applying for a Business license.

Different types of UAE Free Zone companies:

  • Free Zone Establishment -New business entity with a sole business shareholder
  • Free Zone Company - New business entity owned by 2 – 5 partners.
  • Subsidiary Company - New Business entity owned by corporate shareholder
  • Local Branch - Branch of a domestic firm residing in the UAE.
  • Foreign Branch - Branch of a foreign firm residing outside the UAE.
  • Representative Office - Representative office is an office established by a company to conduct marketing and other non-transactional operations, generally in a foreign country where a branch office or subsidiary is not warranted.

Categories of UAE Free Zones License:

  • Commercial license
  • General trading license
  • Consultancy/services license
  • Industrial license

FAIC Business Consultancy JLT is providing a full set of services for your business to start successfully in the UAE. We are giving all the support you need for registration and licensing, visas, property and any other requirements you may have. All the services & products offered are listed in our website. We are ready to realize your specific request and fully manage your project of any complexity.

We are providing the legal support for:

UAE Attestation & legalisation of documents for individuals and corporates

Analysis of UAE laws

The list of required documents (certificates, licenses, attestation, etc)

Recommendation on the choice of the legal form

Recommendation on the choice of the Free Zone location, by Emirate

Preparation of all necessary documents for registration of the Free Zone company

Complete follow up with the Free Zone authorities during the registration process

Consultation of the required documents for office, premises, staff, equipment, etc.

For more information contact with us & get free consultation.

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